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Ghost Trick RP account, what-if revised timeline.

with infinite universes….

"Thanks for the rescue," Jowd said with a grin. “You’ve got some killer reflexes there.”
"I find them to be useful at times." Cabanela smiled, teeth reflecting brightly in the dim aisle. His voice held all sorts of sensual promise.

Jowd put down his coffee and glared with mock severity at his best friend. “Look, I’m sorry if I keep disappointing you by not sleeping around more often, but I guess I’m a romantic. And hooking up between the stacks isn’t exactly a special moment.”
"I’m not suggesting that… though it does have its plusses." Alma grinned as if reliving a particularly naughty memory—and knowing her, she probably was. “But obviously you like this guy and you’re into him. So pursue it. It’s not often you meet someone who tightens your boxers. And he sounds delicious. I suppose you’re sure he’s gay?”
"The tongue down my throat was a giveaway," Jowd replied, adding with a knowing smile: “So don’t you even think about it. He’s mine.”
"Wow. Possessive already."

Cabanela knew he had no right to have such thoughts, to be so possessive. But he couldn’t help it: he wanted Jowd, perhaps more than he’d ever wanted anything. Even though that desire could be the death of both of them….

anything is possible.

(“everything is canon.” “Everything is permitted. Nothing is reFRICKIN ASSASSIN’S CREED”)

…you know that I cannot resist these books. I hope it’s a digital copy, I can’t turn pages like this.

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