Murphy's Detective


I am sure that was a sight worth seeing


But I dunno.  the concept of Cabanela dressed liker a clown gives me the creeps.

I’m not sure I trust that lot as Batman either!

Which leaves us in our gods-bestowed role as the Joker. Works for me.

Is this how you two are playing it?

I believe that back in the day, my lady and I had a Joker & Harley Quinn thing going. For the colour scheme, mostly. 


might-as-well-laugh liked your post “idle-handss: People who notice everything but remain silent are to…”

feels like ages since weve talked
or maybe only ages for me…
whatever the case maybe its good to see you

Growth spurt or time travel, you tell me! Who’d have thought you’d make such a fine young lady!



There you are.
Check in more often or I’ll think something happened to you.

How are ya? How’s the family? Give me news.

You know that’s the verbal equivalent of how Sissel greets me every time I come home, right? No wonder the cat took a liking to you!

We’re fine… I think some Cabanela out there would pick up a distress signal if we ever got in trouble. You’re still alive, I take it.


I got commissioned to beat up this bara, thank u


I got commissioned to beat up this bara, thank u


this entire show is gold

Your hair is so curly, miss! Do you think you could show me how to do that?

Hello, dear!

It takes some patience and a whole lot of curlers! You got what it takes?

+ might-as-well-laugh



The cat. Good to know one thing at least is constant.

I don’t know where to begin with you, Jowd, nor how much you’ll believe me without a presentation. Mortals are prone to much disbelief in these matters as of late. Not that there is any reason to blame them. Things just aren’t like they were in the old days.

Should I give you a show?


Sounds like a Yomiel alright, except the attitude doesn’t match. Please do, my curiosity is piqued. Gods know I could do with some entertainment these days.