Murphy's Detective


so netflix’s april fools prank is an hour long movie of chicken being cooked called Rotisserie Chicken
what a time to be alive  




bluetuquepapa liked your post:might-as-well-laugh: Why be elaborate whe

thats not an invite to start the dadocalypse 



thats devious but i like it

at least its better than being swarmed by dad jokes

(Kamila had her dose of mom jokes, but it’s not like we need a set day for that…)

Who’s the champion, I mean the culprit?


dang he pulled out the stops and pranked you hard

tell me when you get your revenge
im expecting something classic from you

Why be elaborate when simple works so well?




let me guess
someone utterly destroyed something you love right
ive so far avoided it but i know eventually my luck is gonna run out
if anything im just glad an anon didnt take this as a moment to curse me like last year

Diet. He destroyed my diet.

His first tactical error was to act at lunch, leaving the shops still open for my revenge.



how the heckie have you been

Victim of a tragic prank. I am recovering, but it has been a hard blow.

Seitan. Roasted seitan.

That’s it, I’m getting a divorce.

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yes you

Got it in one!

mama jowd

Who, me?